Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm sorry

I'm sorry. I'm sorry to my close friends who have faced disappointment during the last few weeks. I had a friend miscarry. I had another friend have a failed IVF. I have another friend who is dealing with a costly and frustrating infertility cycle. I have another friend who had stopped all infertility treatments after another failed IVF. And those are just a few. There are so many more.

I am so blessed by these women who have entrusted their journeys to me. Thank you for allowing you to travel along with you. I know you feel that I am helping you, but I cannot begin to tell you how much meaning it has given to my five years of infertility and the incredible pain that it brought with it. I have feel that it has purpose. Thank you for that.

Please pray for those around you hurting right now. This time of year can be especially difficult on couples yearning for children. On those waiting for that perfect someone. On those grieving the loss of someone they love. Please remember them during the next few weeks. Pray for them. And love them.